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Parsing Nagios4 status.dat to JSON

By Michael Palmer |  Aug 20, 2022  | #programming, #python, #django | 1 min read
Background I have a django app that shows host links to internal employees, wanted to grab status from Nagios without having to go to a bunch of trouble screen scraping. Found this quick script from Alex Wright, and modified it to work where I can call it from a Django function, then I just loop through my models and match the json object to the model. Steps to deploy Upload file: status2json.
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Shooting Film. Kodak Tri-X

By Michael Palmer |  Jun 22, 2020  | #photography, #film | 1 min read
I really don’t blog enough. I want to blog all the time, but I think I get distracted, or maybe I just really don’t like WordPress. I’ve got so much history here though, it’s a huge undertaking to migrate to another format. I’ve been shooting film a lot, maybe for 6 months straight, exclusively. I’ve sold off most of my Canon digital lenses. Picked up some Leica lenses to go with my M6 (a 50mm Summicron, and a 28mm Elamrit).
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