I was thinkin about crazy anti-abortion people in the shower this morning which made me think: Is the “morning after pill” considered abortion? If anti-abortionists say no, then they are retarded. A fertilized egg is flushed out by the pill. That’s the same thing as suctioning out a three week old fetus in my book.

Just had that on my mind this morning.

Another thing: whoever put the sign on my way home from work that says “Jesus saves you from hell”, its annoying and I’m going to rip it down.

Speaking of Jesus: This country was founded on God. If you take God out the Pledge and National Anthem, you’re killing what this country is founded on and what it stands by and I hate you. Live with it, it’s been this way for hundreds of years. Mentioning God in a few places never hurt anyone. The religion isn’t forced on you, don’t say it if you don’t want to, move to Afghanistan, they don’t like the pledge either.