So I spend about 95% of my time on the computer in Linux, mostly Gentoo, some Slackware, some Archlinux.

I’ve recently been looking at Macs. I wonder if maybe they’d be the perfect medium for me, mainly I’d love to use Aperture for the managing of my library of photos (12440 photos, 27gigs). About 1/4th of the photos are RAW. Linux doesn’t really have any really great applications for managing raw photos like Aperture.

I have been playing with Adobe Lightroom in XP, which is in beta right now and will soon expire. It’s decent, but likes to crash. It’s not really comfortable to use for me.

Mac also offers a bash prompt, built in Perl, compilers, it’s background should be very familiar to me since I’m a Linux nut.

Now to save the cash for a mac, and decide whether I wan’t a Macbook/Macbook Pro/iMac. Maybe I’ll spend $1200 on a laptop, but then I think what if its not enough power. I just don’t know.