Back to work today from vacation. It was relaxing. I ate too much though.

A short breakdown of the cruise:

At Sea:

The days at sea were very relaxing, mostly I ate too much, laid around, went to shows, and swam.

Montego Bay, Jamaica:

Jamaica was my least favorite stop on the cruise. Mostly because the people hassled us a lot. It wasn’t the normal hassle where they are trying to sell you something, instead the would grab your hand, pull you into their shop and show you things they were peddling. When I would decline to purchase, they were always upset, I had one guy tell me “I’m sick of this no thank you bullshit!”. We did get to see “Dunn River Falls”, which was pretty but we were rushed through along with a few hundred other people.

Grand Cayman:

Grand Cayman was really cool. The whole island was clean and beautiful. We went snorkeling and got to swim with stingrays. The water was beautiful there. We had huge margaritas and nachos at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, which were VERY expensive! It was a fun place to eat at though.

Cozumel, Mexico:

Cozumel was fun. I mostly drank cheap beer and walked around most of the day. Got a fake tattoo on my bicep. It’s fading slowly. I picked up some Cuban cigars in Cozumel, however I discovered the Dominican Republic made cigars were less harsh and had a more mellow flavor. Maybe the Cubans I got were old?

Cigars smoked on the trip:

  • Montecristo – Cuba
  • Cohiba – Cuban
  • Romeo Y Julieta – Cuban
  • Courvoisier – Dominican (This had a nice sweet flavor)
  • Arturo Fuente Don Carlos – Dominican