Well, just got back last night from YAPC America in Boca Raton, FL.

It was a great conference, and its got me in the mood to do some real perl programming for once. I’m having problems thinking of something that I can write, that’s not a web based app.

Visited Palm Beach, it was very pretty. Got a lot of pics while I was there. I think I need to get a newer camera. My camera still doesn’t produce as good images as the newer camera’s I’ve seen. Money is way too tight right now to blow it on a $300 camera. If I was going to get one though, It probably would be a Nikon Coolpix 4300. It has the two most important things that I need.

  1. A lithium Ion Rechargable Battery.

  2. Compaq Flashcard Storage.

The only problem is it’s about $450.00, which isn’t bad considering I paid $750 for my last camera which I’m currently using and is a Kodak DC4800.

If anyone wants to buy it off me, make me a reasonable offer. I’m not selling it yet, but if I get an offer I might. Or maybe I’ll decide to keep it another year. Never know I may figure out some more tricks with the camera.

I’m thinking about starting up a Sunday hobby : GeoCaching.. More on this later on.