My parents got me a Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6″ E Ink Pearl Display for my birthday today. They also picked it up with a Kindle Leather Cover, which is a VERY nicely made leather cover. I’m not sure I’d want the lighted one, but I will enjoy it. The Kindle was a snap to get setup and registered. Now I just have to finish the paper books I’m in the middle of so I can get to reading on the Kindle. My dilemma: Rebuy paper books on the kindle and “amazon store” the old ones? Or finish reading my paper books and then sell and buy new E-Books?

Also to test.. PDFs! I’ve got a ton of Manuals on pdf i’d like to convert to the Kindle.

Another nice thing I noticed.. Amazon gives away Free Classics!

Oh here’s an awesome video I came across. Looks great fullscreen!