I just was cleaning up stuff and realized I didn’t post once in the month of June!

Thats some lazyness! Guess I just don’t think about blogging as much as I used to.

I was at the annual Perl Conference last week. It was pretty good. At the very least it gave me some good motivation to keep up the coding this summer. I have a quotation system that has been needing an overhaul for a long time now. It should be next on the todo list if this week goes good.

I’m in the middle of documenting all our IT processes in a wiki for when im out for 7 days in September. Hopefully it will be broad enough to solve all common problems that go on at the office on a day to day basis. Right now the only documentation is in my head! This will be good for the future also. Documentation is never a bad thing.

Finally bought a new camera right before the Perl conference. Although its been raining for damn near a month here, so I really haven’t had much time to play with it. I think I’ve shot about 1200 images so far.

Its gonna be nice getting a day off in the middle of the week this week. The week should go by fast, but it’s gonna keep me busy with all the get-togethers, and with Sammi’s birthday on the 9th, we’ll be doing friends and family stuff most of the weekend.

I’m thinking of finally quitting T-Mobile. They’ve gotten behind on the cool phones for low cost that have edge/3g capability. Dunno who I’ll go with, but it probably wont happen until both me and Sammi are off contract, that may be another year!