Wow, reading a post on kasia in a nutshell really got me wondering. Is there a conspiracy, some unknown force in the computers we admin that makes our boxen weep when we are away? Reading the comments on her post, it seems scary. I wonder how many people this happens to?

In the past year and a half, I have been out of town and ‘unreachable’, whether it be for vacation or business, about 5 times. Every time, I’m gone, something goes wrong. It’s quite odd. The servers can run for 3 months solid. No problems, no reboots, no warnings, and then I leave and poof, a drive burns out, or a kernel panics, or all of a sudden an apache process spins out of control sending the machine into a crawl. I don’t understand it. Whether I check all the machines before I leave, or if I don’t touch them at all, they know the admin is away.

I wonder..