So I picked up some Campari tonight, as I wanted to try a Negroni. It was a lot more potent than I thought it would be.

Negroni as listed in Playboy bartender’s guide:

  • 3/4oz. Campari
  • 3/4oz. Sweet Vermouth
  • 3/4oz. Bombay Sapphire Gin
  • Shake over ice and strain into pre chilled cocktail glass.

The drink was pretty herby and somewhat bitter. It was very interesting, sweet as you take a sip, but after the swallow the bitterness hits. I might make it again if I’m feeling like something potent, however if I’m going to drink Gin, I prefer Gin and Grapefruit juice. I won’t quit on Campari yet, I’ve only tried one cocktail! Will be searching for more Campari recipes.

EEP! I’m almost out of Gin!