My Canon 300D (Digital Rebel) is finally crapping out after almost 20,000 images written. I bought it in October 2003. Luckily I found the Best Buy warranty on it. It’s been giving me an “Error 99”. According to Canon this is “an error other than all other documented errors”. I did some research only to find it could be a number of things from lenses to memory cards, etc.

I’ve tried a few different lenses, all of which are canon, all of which cause the same problem.

I’ve tried memory cards from 128mb, to 4gig and about 4 others in between and had the error 99 pop up.

I have two different battery packs which both have given me the error on.

Best Buy’s “Geek Squad” website just updated the status to “Shipping back to Best Buy Store”. They’ve only had my camera two days. Lets hope they’ve fixed my problem.

In the past with Best Buy, they’ve sent DVD players back to me with the same problem as I sent them off with. (I’m a big fan of buying warranties on expensive stuff.) I bought a DVD player in 1998, I’m now on my 5th DVD player, and have yet to buy a new one. Of course I’ve paid two $99 warranty renewals, which even upgraded me to a recorder/player. When this one dies, I’ll just buy a new one now that they are so cheap. My current one doesnt have a warranty.

Anyways. We’ll see when Best Buy gets the camera what they’ve done. I’m guessing it will say “Cleaned and checked.. no problems”. I’m sure it will take a few times to get this one right.