Had a pretty good weekend. Friday night was a little crazy.. It was derk’s birthday and a lot of people came by to hang out.

Saturday, I had a wonderful day with my little cutie girl, Kylie.

She grows soooo fast! Seems like yesterday she was still sleeping non-stop. Time sure does fly by!

Saturday night, we went out to eat at P.F. Changs, which is by no contest my most favorite Asian restaurant of all time. Went dancing which was fun. I haven’t been dancing in such a long time. It was nice to actually do something on a Saturday night!

Sunday we went to The Woodland’s Showcase of Homes. It was VERY nice. Wish I had an extra million lying around to throw towards a pimp house like these. I’ve never been in anything remotely as impressive as this. They will be having another one in the fall. I will throw up a link when the time comes so anyone interested in it can go.

Anyhoo.. work is normal. Gonna have to sell my IPAQ to help finish paying on my Couch and Tables by September 9th. Otherwise, they wont be paid and then they’ll slap me with a lot of extra interest ($1200 approx.) Don’t want that. Still haven’t had time to start any of my projects.

This dumb lady keeps hitting escape on the timeclock. I REALLY need to finish the program so she can’t screw it up anymore. Its using this old dos crap ass program that needs to be blown up.

Something to entertain you while im not posting..This guy is proving you can build a cruise missle in your garage for under $5000.00 : Read it here