Crazy Friday!

Very busy.. Went on an expensive lunch with justin/matt/derk to Saltgrass Steakhouse.. after paying for derk’s birthday lunch my portion of the bill was $52.. not too bad for two people to have fat steaks..

Yea! get to see my wonderful daughter tomorrow all day long. I can’t wait.What a cutie!

I wanna start bringing my camera everywhere I go and documenting my day. That would be awesome.. I think its time for another nature vacation. Maybe I’ll find somewhere close to visit and take a Sunday to relax for once instead of being nonstop busy. It’s really catching up to me.. All this non-stop busy busy. I don’t think I can say that I did nothing for more than 15 minutes by myself for like at least the past 7 months, but I’m not complaining, I have a wonderful life.. Just busy that’s all.

Finally done with the company website! Yeah! Now I can move on to more fun projects. I think I’m going to finish up on the PerlPunch project that I started to replace our timeclock. Although I’d like to work on my perl based photo gallery (katamai) too, but thats not really work related. We’ll see what I have time for.

Money is still getting tighter.. I remember the days when it came to rent week, my week’s paycheck would cover it and I could also pay my car payment with the leftovers. Now my check ends up being $50 short of rent. It will be nice when my expensive ass loan is paid off. Then I’ll have an extra $300 a month to work with. Maybe I’ll even get a raise one day!

On another note.. I decided to start ripping all my CDs to MP3/OGG. Since I own the CD that’s legal, and plus I’m sick and tired of having to replace all my CDs that have been scratched over the years.. Once everything is digital, I can just burn mix cd’s of all my favorite music.. anyway.. the program I’m using is called Grip It’s very nice.. Very stable, full featured, does everything I need. If you run Linux and want to rip CDs fast and easy, then that program is perfect. Also I’m planning on making a Linux based MP3/Ogg/Mpeg Jukebox for my home stereo with all my music and videos.

Surprisingly in the month of April, this site received 142 Unique visitors and 4706 “hits”.. I was shocked that 142 unique people actually opened this blog. Weird, but kinda cool..

That’s all I’ve got to say right now..