Drivers Hating Cyclist on Twitter Gratitude.

“Drivers: You sit behind the wheel of the most advanced personal transport device in the history of the world. All you need to do is apply slight pressure to a pedal with your foot and you are instantly propelled forward at an incredible rate of speed. Some slight side-to-side motions with your hands, or even one hand if you like, steers you almost anywhere your heart desires. At your disposal are turn-by-turn directions to any location on earth. You sit eating snacks in a protected, climate-controlled chamber on top of a seat more comfortable than most kings’ thrones. If something should slow you down temporarily you can almost instantly make that speed up by applying a little extra pressure to that pedal. Simply amazing how far we’ve come.

So how do you show your thanks for such good fortune, such freedom?” … More: Drivers Hating Cyclist on Twitter Gratitude.