Found Film From The 2005 Fire

Film Photos from an old trip to Niagara Falls.

Found Film From The 2005 Fire
Niagra Falls 2004

Going through boxes of stuff when I was moving across town, I found a few rolls of film sitting in a box. They were black, unlabeled canisters, which I remember was from my community college class I took in 2003 (only to be able to have free darkroom time). For the life of me I couldn’t remember when I shot them, or what I shot. I sent them off to for developing, since, I didn’t want to trust my own chemistry, as I didn’t even know what they were!

Got them back this week, and come to find out, they’re from two trips! I went to Niagara Falls in 2004, and the San Francisco for a Linux World conference. Can’t believe the photos came out!

SFO 2005 Streets

There were some great street shots of San Francisco, but most of the shots from Niagara where just okay. I think in Niagara I was using an old Nikon FM with a broken meter. In San Francisco, I believe I had a Canon Elan IIe with a 24-85 USM Canon lens, but from the look of the picture, it appears I had some light leaks, although, that could have been in the janky film canisters I had, especially since they’d been sitting for over 12 years!

San Francisco Streets 2005