Finally finished out the IPv6 roll-out at the house. tunnel from my 2801 to up, domain hosted here fully IPv6 with email, rDNS, web, all going good. IRC client running v6 too! Only using a handful of addresses out of my massive /64 they assigned.

Passed the certification too! As of tonight, I’m highest you can get up to, there’s only 1,207 certified for it out of probably 12,000 total working on certs.

Now for the hard part. Dual Stacking the office, data center, and all our customers! The crappy thing is the majority of our customers are on old routing hardware, which has no future for v6, so at some point, we’ll have to spend some money.

Progress at work: my BGP peer is up with for announcing our /32, our upstream providers wont be giving us native IPv6 until middle of next year, so tunneling is all we’ve got unless we add on some more bandwidth from another upstream provider with native IPv6… possibility.. Need quotes!