Looks like theres no morse requirement anymore starting next month for upgraded licenses. In the past learning Morse was lazily keeping me from upgrading my license. Now that I don’t have to worry about it, maybe ill upgrade and pick the hobby back up.

ARRLWeb: It’s Official! Morse Code Requirement Ends Friday, February 23

NEWINGTON, CT, Jan 24, 2007 — Circle Friday, February 23, on your calendar. That’s when the current 5 WPM Morse code requirement will officially disappear from the Amateur Radio Service Part 97 rules in accordance with the FCC’s Report and Order (R&O) in the “Morse code proceeding,” WT Docket 05-235. Beginning at 12:00 AM local time on February 23 (ie, after midnight Thursday), applicants for a General or Amateur Extra class Amateur Radio license no longer will have to demonstrate proficiency in Morse code. They’ll just have to pass the applicable written examination.