Popeye’s Spicy Chicken gives me heart burn. I should sue for ‘free chicken for life’. That would be mighty tasty.

Network Associates sent me our new ‘License Authorization Grant’, but put term 2002-2003 on the document. Even worse, we paid for this year in Janurary. That’s some lagtime.

Verizon Visa called me on my HOUSTON OFFICE LANDLINE (emphisis on the location and that it is a landline) today to ask if I purchased gasoline in California this morning. Of course I said no, how could I purchase gas in the morning in California, then be back to work by lunchtime? So I told them to cancel my account, and fix the charge, which she replies “Yes we can cancel your account, but you will have to circle the charges on your next statement to let us know which ones were fraudulent.” Bleh to that.

So I’m getting used to using wiki’s but noticed, most wiki’s use slightly different formatting syntax.

Gonna get a some coffee and then finish up on some perl coding before going to see Kylie tonight.