I was thinking today, if I could do anything with my life and money wasn’t an issue, these are the things i’d do:

  1. Own land
  2. Ride Dirt Bikes
  3. Own a jeep again
  4. Build my own house from complete scratch
  5. Fish
  6. I think i’d need at least 200 acres!
  7. Photography
  8. Mostly travel or nature, or maybe public events
  9. figure out how to get into doing major sporting events on the field like baseball and football games..
  10. build my own studio warehouse, where i could photograph large things, like cars and motorcycles in house with full lighting setups.
  11. work on a movie set as a photographer
  12. have enough good photos to hold an exhibit somewhere
  13. Bicycles
  14. I’d like to ride a lot, maybe from my house to my photography studio every day :)
  15. Build – i want to learn how to build bicycles and completely build my own stable of different bikes from the frame up.
  16. i’d love to setup some type of charity where we build bikes for underprivileged kids.
  17. Fun Stuff
  18. I’d buy a good quality saxophone and play it again. I dreamed I was playing in a jazz club the other night, made me miss it.
  19. Learn to be a chef
  20. Take vacations with the kids.
  21. Stay in shape!
  22. Get back to volunteering regularly. It’s been so long.
  23. (With my Jeep) – Go on a Jeep Jamboree someday.
  24. Mountain Bike in amazing places like Colorado, Utah and some of the US’s famous parks.
  25. Get dual citizenship with the UK, so i can spend a few months in England with all my family whenever I want.