This guy sends out 2 billion emails a month. It’s all spam and he’s responsible for it. Read his interview.

From his home office, where a dozen rack-mounted computer servers hum 24 hours a day, Scelson — in customary T-shirt and shorts — sends millions of e-mails to 50 or so computer servers in the USA, China, South America and Europe. It costs $20,000 a month to pump out e-mail hawking everything from insurance to toys to lingerie. Software plows through 165,000 e-mail addresses an hour, searching for the roughly 16% that are active. Automated e-mail is then sent to the accounts, asking subscribers if they want spam. On average, only 3,000 of 5 million respond “yes,” Scelson says. He says he continues to send e-mail pitches to those accounts and leaves others alone.

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