Lallapalooza was fun yesterday. It was damn hot during the day, ended up sweating like a donkey in a sandstorm. Incubus was really good, they covered a lot of unique songs. They covered Lionel Richie – “Hello” and Shudder To Think – “X-French Tee Shirt”. Very good covers. Audioslave was great. Chris Cornell did some of his solo tracks. His voice was a little off when he first got on stage, but got much better after warming up. Queens of the stone age was an interesting set. And of course Jane’s Addiction was great.

So I was thinking about signing up for a 24 hour fitness membership. I checked their online membership FAQ and much to my surprise.. they were way expensive. $179.00 Enrollment fee + $89.00 processing fee + $35 a month! Dangdilly thats a lot of money. So I can go work out 3-4 times a week. Isn’t there any way to get some kind of discount. I’d be happy with no sign up fee, no processing fee, and $20 a month. I guess I’m just being greedy… They’ve gotta make money somehow eh?

I accidentally bought some Planters Dry Roasted, “Light Salt” peanuts. They’re kinda bleh. Will make sure not to buy “light salt” again. Work is fine.. Keeping busy like usual. Currently working on spam catching techniques with perl and procmail. Also, I’m still working on the timeclock management software. It’s getting pretty intersting and I’m getting close to finishing up things.

Saw American Wedding on Friday night. I thought it was definately the funniest Pie movie to date. Stiffler is crazy like a shillymonster. They still kept that annoying asshole (i dont have any clue of his name) who always has the role of “hey guys lets be buddy’s and friendship blablablabla”… Funny thing is at the ‘happy ending’ when everything works out for everyone, they somehow forget to show what the hell happened to him. Guess he was just too unimportant.

Kylie was a bundle of joy this Saturday. Took her to the mall with me shopping, she was so good. She was being roudy making loud noise and clapping in the food court and people were looking and laughing. She’s just one big cutiemonster. She kept getting pouty when we’d go into a store with nobody around, the minute we got back in the mall, she got happy and clapping again. She’s so silly. I miss her every bit of my day.

Finished my photoblog over the weekend. I think the layout is pretty solid, now I just gotta find something to photograph everyday.