Made it to San Francisco this afternoon for Linux World. The weather is real nice, about 68 degrees right now.. The hotel is decent, but the wireless seems to be flaky, it’s acting like a linksys router or something.. every minute or so it drops me. I’ve got the same issues in linux and windows with both my broadcom b/g minipci and my orinoco gold.. so im using my orinoco with the externa mag mount antenna.. good thing i brought it, found another access point not owned by the hotel, which provides a much more stable connection, just a weak signal.

Walked around downtown SFA this afternoon, I ate at a subway. It reminds me a lot of NY, but not as busy. LOTS of homeless people, it was kind of scary with my camera on my hip, had to hold it so it wouldn’t get jacket.. I ended up wandering into the Apple store with the glass staircase. It was pretty neat. I got a pic in B&W of the staircase.

Nothing on TV, just making sure I’ve got everything on the laptop for tomorrow morning. I think I’m gonna go to bed pretty early tonight and get some rest so I can be up early tomorrow.