Jeez, I keep forgetting to write about LinuxWorld.. First of all, sitting on a bed and using the laptop gets very uncomfortable after about 20 minutes in one position.

The weather has been great here.. high 50’s at night and high 60’s in the daytime.. The conference has been great, got so much free stuff, im going to have to get a box for all this stuff and check it as baggage. HP Announced this morning that they’ll be selling linux laptops pre-installed with SUSE 9.1. I thought that was pretty neat. After two days of drawings, I have yet to win the Sharp Zarus. One more chance tomorrow.. Intel had a pretty cool party last night, they had a guy with a chainsaw doing an ice sculpture of an “intel inside” logo.

I happened apon a sign that said “Gentoo Community Meeting” which was excellent, cause I got to sit around and have a beer with the Gentoo dev team and discuss current problems and upcoming ideas for about two hours.

Today I walked about 4 miles round trip to see the ‘Painted Ladies’ which is the victorian houses in the begining of the “Full House” TV show. It was pretty neat, used almost a whole roll of film on them.

Had some excellent chinese food for dinner with a “Fat Tire” which went suprisingly well together.

Anyways, tomorrow is the last day of the conference, then im back to Houston.