My back hurts today.. Guess I’ve just been in front of the computer too long. In addition.. Pakistan is testing nuclear weapons today? whats with that. i hope we don’t have to regulate that now too..

In the mean time.. Mandrake Security MNF (Multi Network Firewall) is a decent program. I’d use it for home use and what not, but not in a corporate environment… unless I was Linux dumb and needed a quick solution. It makes firewall administration very easy. Has VPN support, two build in IDS packages, and a whole lot of other usual firewall junk. It ran like a bear in hibernation on my p166 test machine.. Slackware runs perfect on that machine as a firewall.. can we all say BLOAT? Well, I guess when you add usability to software it naturally becomes more bloated and slows down.. hence ALL Microsoft products.

Since I’m in an install frenzy now that I’ve got a spare machine next to me all day, I’m gonna try and check out the new Mandrake 9.0 and ill do a quick review on VectorLinux 3.2. More on that later..