Neat blogging tool. Very light weight. I like my movable type, but maybe for some people this might be interesting.

… MicroBlogger, as the name implies, is a small, simple, flexible, reliable weblog engine written entirely in bash script. It has absolutely no dependencies on any other programs–No PHP, no SQL, no CGI, no Perl, nothing. Basically, if you have a Unix shell account, you can blog with the best of ’em. MicroBlogger is self-regulating, self-maintaining, and ready to fly straight out of the box. Just unpack the archive in your web directory, add a greeting, and whammo, you’re all set! MicroBlogger’s simplicity has another advantage; its fast, stable, and easy to customize!

Peep it Here : MicroBlogger – Or, Who The Heck Is Bowie J. Poag?!