I wrote a poem for a Woot forum comment in hopes Ninja would send me a coffee maker.

Ninja Coffee Maker

Through long and rest full nights,  
With dreams that of the sea,  
I sail the ships inside my head,  
I travel, and I’m free.  

But sometimes when I’m woke again,  
There is nor boat, nor ship,  
And caffeine intake takes some time,  
especially when it’s drip.

So nights go by,   
dreams come and go,   
and one thing stays does remain.

That Ninja, that’s inside my dream   
has always been the same.

He brews so well,   
at many strengths,   
he keeps my coffee hot,   
there’s even several brew settings,   
he really does a lot!

So here’s to hope, my dreams come true,   
the Ninja will at last,   
be delivered to my work or home,   
on Prime delivery, It’s FAST!

And then I’ll make a drink or two,   
a coffee, or a tea,   
and sip my cup, and reminisce,   
those dreams of that Ninja and me.