Okay, what is this world coming to? I think we are raising the future pussies of America. How do we expect to raise men to protect our country if we treat them like flower holding pussies all of their childhood. Kids need to lose, kids need to get hurt, kids need to be made fun of. It’s what gets them ready for life. Read these two articles.

“I know I’m starting to sound like my grandfather but when I was a kid running around New York City in the 50’s and 60’s, the whole world of freeplay and street games was different. We played for the sake of having fun and stayed outside until the streetlights came on and the lightning bugs could be trapped in a Mayo jar. When we discuss the socially detrimental effects of dodgeball on our disadvantaged, Nintendo toting teens, it’s time to talk.”

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“In fact we’re over-protecting and infantilising our children, shielding them from all the wrong things, defending them from the scraps and failures and physical pain of ordinary life, extending their childhood and their no-responsibility zones well past the age that previous generations were expected to face and survive.”

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