This is a smart thing to do.. Novell is slowly becoming more Linux friendly. Check out these two articles about Novell’s Linux stategy.


Netware cosies up to LinuxBy Steve Ranger [07-04-2003]Novell reveals plans to offer parts of Netware operating system to run on Linux

Novell is adding more open source tools to its Netware operating system as it fights to keep the product’s market share from diminishing further.

The company has admitted that Microsoft and Linux will be the future dominant forces in the operating system market, and is planning to offer core elements of Netware as services that can run on Linux.

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Novell adopts Linux as NetWare migration pathBy DON TENNANT [APRIL 14, 2003]

SALT LAKE CITY — Faced with the reality of a steadily falling share of the network operating system market, Novell Inc. today answered the NetWare migration question. And the answer is Linux.

At its annual BrainShare user and partner conference here, Novell executives announced that NetWare 7, due out in approximately two years, will be a set of services that sits on top of both the NetWare and Linux kernels.

“We are not dropping NetWare; we are adding Linux. This is not a departure from NetWare,” said Jack Messman, Novell’s chairman and CEO. “We will not abandon you, and you need not abandon us,” Messman told the Novell faithful in his keynote speech.

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