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Payphone Access Points

By Michael Palmer |  May 12, 2003  | #interesting-news, #technology | 1 min read
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Verizon Communications wants to provide a new purpose for a declining business by using street corner pay telephones to wirelessly link its broadband customers to the Internet, President Larry Babbio said. Read More : Yahoo! News – Verizon May Equip Pay Phones with Wireless Links
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Daily Stuff - Random Thoughts

By Michael Palmer |  May 2, 2003  | #rambling, #life | 3 min read
Crazy Friday! Very busy.. Went on an expensive lunch with justin/matt/derk to Saltgrass Steakhouse.. after paying for derk’s birthday lunch my portion of the bill was $52.. not too bad for two people to have fat steaks.. Yea! get to see my wonderful daughter tomorrow all day long. I can’t wait.What a cutie! I wanna start bringing my camera everywhere I go and documenting my day. That would be awesome.. I think its time for another nature vacation.
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