A brief about me


You can check out my personal site here, it’s not a blog, just a small interests/resume site. It has some info on how to get to me on the Contact page.


Since mid-March, I’ve switched jobs! Ten years in the freight industry burned me out. Now I’m GM at a Houston Headquartered ISP and Telephony Integrator. We deploy large multi-site customized phone systems, and consistently win bids over Cisco/Avaya/Mitel/etc. We’re call quality freaks, so we run the network, handle the calls, everything in one package from one vendor. It’s an amazing solution. I’m enjoying what I do every day.

Ham Radio

Technician Class License. Grid Square EM20hd. Sometimes you’ll hear me on local Houston repeaters.


I’ve always enjoyed photography. It probably started sometime around 1986, I had an old 110 wind up blue camera (dont remember the brand). My first digital was a Casio QVC-120 in 1998 (640 x 480 sized shots!!). I still have photos somewhere around here from it.

Now I carry my camera to most places I go. Although I haven’t been shooting much as I once was due to my rebel having reboot problems. Things should be picking up for me and my photography interests again!

Camera Collection

Holga 120SNikon FM w/35-70 lens (lightmeter dead)Canon Elan IIeCanon 300d (First Rebel)Canon 5dZiess Ikon Ikoflex TLR 6x6cm cry (it burned in the fire)