Hmm.. looks interesting. Wonder if it will be good.. Gonna try it some time today. It even has a windows port for you inferior minds out there.

prokyon3 is a multithreaded MP3 manager and tag editor for Linux / Windows. It was written in C using the Qt3 widget set (Qt2 on Windows) and the MySQL database. prokyon3 can access MP3 files on harddisk, CDROM, SMB and NFS. Files can be played using XMMS (WinAmp on Windows), and can even be played when the files are on CD as prokyon3 identifies CDs by content. The files view is customizable and favorite artists are supported. prokyon3 also offers an editor for ID3 and Ogg tags and has been designed to support tagging for multiple files en mass.

Looky here : prokyon3 – MP3/OggVorbis manager