Song Outlines

An outline of a song. Reminds me of an XML tree, or a JSON.

Cool. This guy qwantz started a trend of outlining the lyrics to songs.. It makes me think of XML or Perl hashes hehe..

The one I like the most is this one on the Jane’s Addiction song “Jane Says”.

  • Jane
    • Says
      • ”I’m done with Sergio. He treats me like a ragdoll.”
      • ”I don’t owe him nothing. But if he comes back again tell him to wait right here for me or try again tomorrow.”
      • ”I’m gonna kick tomorrow.”
      • ”Have you seen my wig around? I feel naked without it.”
      • ”I’m going away to Spain when I get some money saved. I’m gonna start tomorrow.”
      • ”I’ve never been in love, no.”
      • ”I only want them if they want me.”
      • ”I only know they want me.”
    • Hides
      • The television
    • Knows
      • They all want her to go
      • If someone wants her
    • Don’t know
      • What else to do about it
      • What love is
    • Don’t like
      • Them
    • Gets
      • Mad
      • Her dinner there
    • Starts
      • To cry
    • Takes
      • A swing
    • Can’t
      • Hit
    • Goes
      • To the store at eight
    • Walks
      • Up on St. Andrews