I was at Starbucks the other day (there’s one in the building where we go eat lunch on Fridays), and saw “Izze Sparkling Grapefruit” Juice. It sounded interesting, especially since I am a grapefruit lover. I’m getting around to drinking it finally, It’s not bad, but the grapefruit is kind of weak. I’m assuming because they blend it with grape juice and lemon juice… Which reminds me, how can they offer cranberry juice in a can on Continental flights if it’s only 20% cranberry? Probably the same applies here.

While I got you reading about grapefruit… My favorite alcoholic drink, I thought it was called a “Sloe Dog”, but looking on the internet I can’t seem to find the receipe. It’s in the Playboy Bartender’s Guide. Anyways:

1oz Gin1/2oz Shot Sloe Gin3oz Grapefruit Juice