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Perl vs PHP5

By Michael Palmer |  Aug 20, 2004  | #perl, #programming | 1 min read
Edit: Sorry brian d foy. See comments. brian d foy writes in this article, O’Reilly Network: Perl versus PHP 5, that he’s seen a lot of complaints about how hard it is to install modules in Perl. Now either he doesn’t use Perl, or maybe he just doesn’t know. perl -MCPAN -e ‘install Module::Name' That’s it. PHP doesn’t have a vast module network. I don’t hate PHP, but sooo many security issues, im ALWAYS upgrading mod_php.
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YAPC Day 3 and out

By Michael Palmer |  Jun 19, 2004  | #travel, #yapc, #perl | 1 min read
Day three was good.. I really enjoyed Damian’s talk.. Overall good conference this year.. the University at Buffalo was a great place to host it. They had wireless everywhere, and plenty of places to eat on campus.. Go to tour the supercomputing lab. That was fun. Went to Niagra falls last night, and hopped the bridge to Canada.. Anyways.. I’m in the Buffalo airport, gotta get some food and hop on a place to Cleveland, OH, then to Houston, and I’m home.
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