Poor unlucky Floridians! Three hurricanes this year. I’d move to different ground! It’s a shame that we have to live with natural disasters. Anyway, Ivan will hit Florida probably by Monday, you can view the Weather Underground: Tropical Storm: 5 Day Forecast Map to keep track of it. I don’t know how long that link will work.

On another note, I’ve gotta go back to NY on Monday. This time to shut down our office up there, crate up all the files and computer equipment, and ship it back to Houston, and some to Miami. I’ll be passing through Atlanta on Monday afternoon, and hope there won’t be any flight delays. The hurricanes have yet to hurt our office in Miami, and hopefully Ivan will be nice.

The flight to NY is kinda a hectic one, due to such a short notice, and that I’ll be landing at JFK because the office is across the street from the airport.

Flight Schedule:Depart: HOUSTON TX, 9:00AMArrive: ATLANTA, 12:01PM

Depart: ATLANTA, 12:45PMArrive: CLEVELAND, 2:31PM


The way back is a little bit easier only a stop in Cleveland, OH. This will get me within 2000 miles of becoming an elite pass member for this year.. Hopefully I can take one more flight somewhere and get the rest of the miles I need, so next year I can take advantage of free upgrades and other nice perks.