Well, I’m turning 24 tomorrow. Time sure flies! My daughter will be two years old in about a month. Car windows still not fixed. Dryer heating element possibly blown.

I want to buy a house. I’ve kinda been looking, but nothing too serious yet, because of our financial situations. By this time next year we will have another year’s worth of debt paid off and should be in a much better position to afford something. Hopefully by then rates haven’t sky-rocketed.

I need to take more pictures, my photography hobby is slacking, I’ve got about 10 rolls of undeveloped black and white, I’m sure all my chemical’s are exhausted.

I’m going to call Hyundai on Monday and see about setting up a company account so I can get 10-20% above cost. Maybe that’ll save me some money on these damn window regulators.

Party at “the office” on Saturday for Ryan and I. Everyone can come.

Have an good weekend… and be excellent to each other..