Been busy this week, again. Here’s some more links for the weekend.

Be ready to shell out at least $120,000 on this shower it has 19 heads each with their own pressure and temperature controls. I WANT ONE!

Electronic Paper may be in the near future.

The 52 Most Dangerous American Dignitaries – The Bush Regime Card Deck. You can download a PDF of the deck Online!

A Plant was found growing in Austrailia, that had been thought to be exctinct for the past 2 million years. They are growing them and will start selling them in late 2005.

Disc Golf – Online and in Flash. Play it to waste your life.

Japanese Matrix In Tokyo – This is weird, im confused. Maybe ALL of these people like the matrix that much.

Women are still getting killed in Juarez. Body count is up to 340 now.

The First Kill Bill Review

Breakup Cards – send one instead of going through the hassle of breaking up in person.

New Style for nerds! I wouldn’t wear this if someone paid me. Well, I would for like $5,000.

Japanese Penis Parade