Got a lot of shopping done this weekend. Only need to buy for my dad, my mom, Sammi’s dad, more stuff for Kylie, and more for Sammi.

Had a wonderful Sunday with Kylie. We just hung out together, it was a lot of fun, she’s getting so big and so smart, its like hanging out with a good friend. I was a bit depressed leaving her on Sunday, but of course I get to see her again tonight.

Got to hang out a little bit on Friday night with Andy and Eric K., we were going to go to Hojo’s but didn’t end up going cuz we got involved in a poker game. Sorry Andy/Eric.

I Heard the AO-51 Echo Satellite this weekend and this morning on my drive to work. Tried to make contact, but I think my mobile antenna isn’t suited for working with satellites. In other ham radio happenings over the weekend, I talked to VK7ROY, (Roy in Tasmania) on Saturday night. Yes, I talked to a guy in Tasmania! It was neat to talk over a radio that far away (of course I used a repeater that was connected to echolink). Also, I found a ham-radio version of the night before christmas: Here.