I decided to get into the Ham Radio hobby. I took my test on november 22nd, and I’ve already gotten my callsign KE5DEY. Pretty neat. Now I just have to save up for some radio equipment.

To touch on the question of “Why talk on a radio when you can talk on AIM/ICQ/MSN/cell phone/IRC/telephone?”… It’s not about the fact that radio is today considered old. It’s about the technology. It’s about the science. It intrigues me. The idea of beaming out RF signals around the world instead of through a cable is exciting. I’ve always been somewhat into radio, now I’m finally doing something about it.

I think this is going to be a very entertaining hobby of mine that should last a lifetime. I encourage anyone else interested in electronics, science and friendship to look into the hobby, it’s easy to get started. Check out: Getting Started in Ham Radio. I’m always here to answer questions anyone has.