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Drivers Hating Cyclist on Twitter Gratitude

By Michael Palmer |  Aug 22, 2013  | cycling, ranting
Drivers Hating Cyclist on Twitter Gratitude. “Drivers: You sit behind the wheel of the most advanced personal transport device in the history of the world. All you need to do is apply slight pressure to a pedal with your foot and you are instantly propelled forward at an incredible rate of speed. Some slight side-to-side motions with your hands, or even one hand if you like, steers you almost anywhere your heart desires.
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Stogie Commentary: Quitting is the Big Difference

By Michael Palmer |  Jun 17, 2008  | ranting, cigars
Good quick editorial on cigar smoking over at StogieGuys. Check out the Link below to read the full commentary. Stogie Commentary: Quitting is the Big DifferenceWith so much anti-tobacco effort devoted to stopping under-age smoking so that young people won’t become addicted, it seems worthwhile to point out that cigars don’t present that problem. Cigar smokers light up because they want to, not because they need to.
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More idiots

By Michael Palmer |  Oct 4, 2005  | email, ranting
Note to all: do you save your important stuff in your garbage can? People at my office do! I get a call today “I had this email in my trash folder yesterday and now its not there.” well duh, the garbage man came!
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