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Livejournal Sux

By Michael Palmer |  Jun 25, 2003  | web-programming
Biggest mistake I ever did was install a livejournal server. This software is VERY unmanageable. I want to be able to delete all these damn duplicate users, I also want reports of how many entries users have made and how long its been since they’ve logged in. Unfortunately there is nothing for this. All I have to work with is the damn admin console. I can’t even list users with that.
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web-programming, linux

CVS Tutorial

By Michael Palmer |  Apr 17, 2003  | web-programming, linux
Found a good entry level article on CVS (Concurrent Version System.. not the pharmacy). Great for easy setup.. I wish I had found this about a year ago when I was interested in it. Anyway, Check it out if CVS is something you care about. Tame Your Wild Config Herds With CVS
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